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Kiwis On The Move

By March 25, 2022 No Comments

From Friday March 4th, New Zealand opened its boarder to vaccinated New Zealanders without the need for isolation when they arrive home and as of 11.59pm on April 12 New Zealand will open its border to vaccinated Australian tourists.

Australia and New Zealand enjoy a unique relationship, made possible by proximity, shared status as members of the Commonwealth, the ANZAC tradition and our shared language and culture. Travel between the two countries reflects this unique relationship, with citizens able to live and travel with relative ease between the two countries. This reciprocal arrangement was cemented in 1973 by the Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangement.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2019 saw 1.4 million New Zealand visitor arrivals which was one of the largest tourist sources into Australia. After travel restrictions were imposed in late March 2020 the volume of international tourist arrivals dropped sharply although New Zealand accounted for 17% of all visitor arrivals since the start of the restrictions (April – November 2020).

In the 2019 period (April to November), the most frequently reported reason for New Zealanders to visit Australia was for a ‘holiday’ and ‘visiting friends and relatives’, generally the second most reported reason.

The median age for visitors from New Zealand was:

  • 38 years for males and 37 for females in the 2020 period
  • 47 years for both in the equivalent 2019 period.

At Air Design Australia we are already seeing the influx of bookings from our NZ counterparts now that they can pre-plan their trips and return home without the need to isolate.  Is your property guest-ready to take advantage of this influx?  Find out how to maximise your holiday home rental returns with Air Design Australia.


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