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Welcome to June 2020! Travel restrictions for Australian intra-state travel have been lifted giving holiday makers a break from the mundane of recent confinement measures. Intra-state travel restrictions are being applied in most states including NSW,  Western Australia, Victoria, Queensland and the Northern Territory. Travellers from interstate will also be able to visit NSW and Victoria for a holiday from 1 June 2020 but will need to comply with the rules of their home state when returning.
This is good news for clients as we continue to fill dates for second half of 2020.  Data shows that Australia and New Zealand are leading the charge in the recovery trajectory as each country experiences its own unique recovery. Australia is reporting a surge of over 189% (New Zealand 465%) more bookings this week than the 6 weeks prior.
Despite a seemingly nightmarish start to 2020, it seems that the vacation rental industry is poised for a turnaround (albeit looking a bit different than the pre-COVID era).  Although traditional rentals are at a 18 year low vacancy rate, at Air Design Australia, we have not experienced the same.  Our quick response to COVID-19 trends meant that we were able to pivot the business to accommodate those wishing to remain in Australia and not wanting to return to their homelands, guests requiring a home between house settlements, and those now renovating because of the the Government’s HomeBuilder Package.  We are also accommodating those slowly returning from other countries and have finished their government mandatory 14 day quarantine period.  
It seems that our flexibility to change has benefited our investors greatly.  From longer lengths of stay to shorter booking lead times plus the advantage for destinations accessible by car, we’re seeing some dramatic shifts in the market and we are exercising our resilience for change on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
If you have any questions on how Air Design Australia may be able to help you with your own property, please feel free to contact us on +61 425203005 or drop us a line via our Contact Us page
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