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Where To House the In-Laws?

By January 19, 2022 No Comments

The festive period is a fun period for families across the globe though can be fraught with tensions and conflict with in-laws staying in each other pockets over an extended period of time.  In-law relationships are challenging.  According to Cambridge University psychologist Terri Apter, three out of four couples “experience significant conflict with their in-laws”.

In-law relationships do not have to be stressful.  In fact, changing your perception of how to house the in-laws can go long way. At Air Design Australia we have seen the rise in booking separate accommodation for visiting in-laws over the past ten years.

This trend can dilute situations commonly reported with in-laws. With separate accommodation, you are providing a physical boundary which can help with providing emotional boundaries.  This move to house in-laws elsewhere can remove conflicting ideas on how early or late you are expected to rise in the morning, what and how to cook, how to raise children, how the house or garden should be kept, political and religious differences and (as many as people will attest to) the opposing opinions list can go on and on.

With the booking of a holiday home rental for the visiting in-laws, each party can retreat to their own homes at the end of the day and helps to build a stable family situation where children are not exposed to conflict or degradation of any persons and ensures everyone can enjoy their time together (and apart!).

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