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Where To Travel This Winter?

By May 18, 2021 No Comments

Although Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Australia’s borders will remain closed for the foreseeable future, only reopening “when it is safe to do so”, there has been a recent bombardment of interstate and NZ holiday advertisement. From “Come down for air” from Tasmania to “Stop dreaming of New Zealand and go”.

With Winter fast approaching and with the amount of dollars being spent on promoting domestic and Trans-Tasmin travel, it is understandable that we will see less and less strict border closures and start seeing more and more “COVID-19 Concerns Notices” (NSW) or “Directions for COVID-19 hotspots” (NT) and the like. These are issued by each state outlining affected areas and instructions on travel rather than complete border closures.

With restrictions easing in this manner, where do guest choose to stay? In August of 2020, AirDNA conducted a report on how Coronavirus has impacted the respective markets of hotels and short-term rentals. Some of the major findings? Short-term holiday rentals are (not surprisingly) faring far better than their hotel counterparts.

Travellers prefer entire homes, full kitchens, and outdoor space to abide by social distancing protocols. Compared to hotels, short terms rentals saw higher Average Daily Rates in July 2020 than in July 2019 in many countries around the world.

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